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Circular Reasoning by WorldsandCenturies Circular Reasoning by WorldsandCenturies
Arrival was a really good movie that managed to avoid many of the same pitfalls that other sci fi movies of its nature (serious ones based heavily on human interaction, even if it's not about the humans per-say) seem to fall into.

The way the aliens talked and wrote was something I hadn't seen in a sci fi film before, or at least not presented like it. The idea of an alien species not perceiving things linearly like we do is an interesting concept. Certain mindsets in humans can skew our sense of time by making it seem like time is slowing down or speeding up, and we can imagine what may happen in the future or remember what happened in the past, but to be able to see both past and future at once is something that is totally alien. 

When the film said that language changes our minds, that's not entirely false. As humans continued to evolve to be a social species, the development of language had a huge impact on our brains and how they developed over the course of evolution. Though languages differ from humans, there seems to be some key factors that remain consistent such as having words to describe things in the past or future and has recrusive properties. 

For example:

The crow flew
The crow [that recognized a person] few
The crow [that recognized a person [who had helped it earlier] flew

Apparently the aliens in Arrival would be able to convey that all at once and wouldn't be limited in space or time due to the circular nature of their writing. 
ThatRandomNerd Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Professional Artist
Funny, I'd never thought of a joke like this.
WorldsandCenturies Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
It's a good joke. 
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
speak of the devil, I was actually thinking of drawing the hectapods.
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